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Procedures for E-mail vote

Stage 1: Board Comment Period

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that all members of the Board and Officers have a chance to comment prior to the vote.

a. Preparation and Discussion-A Board member(s) or Officer(s) prepares a draft proposal or action requiring a Board vote. The draft proposal or action is sent to the Board and Officers via e-mail for comment. This provides all Board members and Officers a chance to comment and modifications be made to the draft prior to the vote.

b. The member(s) drafting the proposal or action requiring a vote attempt to reach consensus that the procedure/rule is ready for Stage 2, which is the final e-mail vote and confirmation by all Board/Officer members.

Stage 2: Voting by E-mail Requirements for ARKSTE Board

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that all members of the Board and Officers have a vote.

a. The proposed action and/or procedure is sent by e-mail to all Board/Officer members for a final vote. A due date will allow seven days for a response.

b. Each Board/Officer member replies by e-mail with a vote of "yes" or "no" on whether to accept the proposed procedure and/or action and includes their comments if desired. Any Board/Officer member who does not respond by the stated due date will not be considered either a "yes" or "no" and will not be included in the final percentage calculation.

c. The final vote results and comments are reported to the Secretary to be included in the public records of the organization, and will be included in the Secretary’s Report at the next ARKSTE Business Meeting. If the majority of submitted votes are in favor, then the procedure/action and any comments or opinions regarding the procedure/action would be included with the submission to the Secretary.


d. If submitted "yes" votes are under 50%, the procedure/rule returns to Stage 1 for further discussion, revision or elimination.

Proposed amendment to ARKSTE bylaws, Drew Mashburn 
October 16, 2002